Vegas Food Adventures


Hey huns,

One of my favourite things about Vegas is honestly the sheer variety of food that you can enjoy at any time of day. Whether you’re looking for michelin star elegance, all you can eat buffets, or 4am pancakes, there’s a place for you.

I will start out by saying that every time i’ve been to Vegas it’s been during the summer when the temperature is around 40°C/104°F, so i’m not sure what the terraces are like in the winter, but I can only imagine they are just as wonderful!


I’ll start out with an oldie but goodie, Denny’s. I know what you’re thinking, there’s so many places to go! But sometimes, you just want a big breakfast and a stack of pancakes. This is a perfect one if you’re planning on a day of drinking, as the food’s going to help you out by lining your stomach, it’s open 24/7 and we found it the perfect start to our morning when we were heading to Wet Republic after to dance the day away!


Who wouldn’t want to wake up and start their day with a stack of pancakes?!

Hard Rock Cafe

My next recommendation is another chain, but so worth the visit. Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas has the most wonderful 1st floor outside terrace for you to watch the world go by, sipping fruity cocktails and cooling down under the mist machines.


I may be slightly swayed by this, but we don’t really get chicken and waffles in the UK, and if we did, we probably wouldn’t get them covered in delicious syrup. Which is crazy, as it is the most delicious breakfast ever. Though maybe it’s a good thing, or I think i’d have it every day!

Mon Ami Gabi

My last breakfast recommendation, and it’s the best one. If you’re looking for something a little more fancy with an amazing view, I would definitely suggest that you head over to the Paris hotel and visit Mon Ami Gabi. With only 5 restaurants in the world, all located in the US, you get the sense of a company that really cares about the food it produces, just look at these waffles and eggs benedict plates!


The restaurant has both an inside, elegant section, and a more casual outside veranda which overlooks the Bellagio fountains. We visited in the morning to watch the world go by over a girly breakfast, but if you booked a table for dinner, watching the sun set and the fountains dancing to the music, i’d challenge you to find a better view in the whole of the city.

Black Tap 

I have Instagram to thank for finding this wonderful place. I’m a huge fan of food blogs, and seeing all the places that people find across the world. I actually stumbled across Black Tap from seeing a photo from their NYC restaurant, then when I visited their hashtag I was extremely happy to find they also have one in the Venetian hotel on the strip!


Have you ever seen prettier monster shakes? I will admit, getting a photo of these before they melted in the heat was a race against the clock, but definitely worth it. They also taste as good as they look! We needed something salty to balance the sugar so we also got a side of Idaho fries with Texas BBQ sauce, and they were incredible. You can either sit inside in the stylish interior, or soak in the rays outside watching the gondolas go by! This place is definitely worth the visit.

Beauty and Essex

This is one of the best restaurants I think i’ve ever been to. I’ll admit I was slightly confused at first as we walked up to the door and into a jewellery store. The actual restaurant is hidden behind a secret door at the back of the store. Whilst this is a great restaurant for anyone, if you’re wanting dinner and cocktails with your girls, this is the place for you. Plus if your table isn’t ready, there’s free champagne whilst you wait, how could you say no to that?!


Beauty and Essex has a menu that you order from Tapas style, with sharing plates. We ordered 3 plates and 2 fries between the 3 of us, and as incredible as it was we just couldn’t finish it! This is somewhere that I would go back to again and again as it has a really great vibe inside, with dimmed sparkling lights and groups of people laughing and toasting you get a real sense of the elegance of Vegas in here.


No trip to vegas, or really many US cities, would be complete without a trip to hooters for their legendary boneless wings. These don’t really need an introduction, and as always they were amazing. There is only one hooters restaurant in the whole of the UK, so I hardly ever get to enjoy these!


We headed over to Hooters after we first arrived in Vegas, we had been travelling for around 15/16 hours when we arrived, so we just dropped off our cases, and headed to the Hooters hotel for wings, fries and to watch the golden knights! It’s everything we needed.

There are many many other places that I could mention, from the cheesecake factory to TAO there’s something for everyone, and I already can’t wait for my next trip.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Vegas?

Love Amylou x

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