The Fleeting Blogger Returns



My last blog post was in May 2016 which is over 12 months ago now, and it is safe to say a lot has changed in that time! Anyone who used to read my blog will notice that a lot of posts have disappeared, and I think the reason I stopped blogging is because I was writing posts I thought people wanted to read, rather than what I wanted to blog about. I think it’s time that changed!

Like I said, a lot has changed in the last year, and my friend Jess said it was about time I stopped just reading blogs and started to write mine again. So here I am! Since my last post, I’ve moved over 120 miles away from my family to Newcastle, started a new job which i’m now 10 months into, fallen in love, met a lot of amazing new people I get to call my friends, and I turned into an actual adult and bought a townhouse which is ridiculously scary and has resulted in a lot more housework than I anticipated!

In the mass of terrible events happening around the world, it’s important to try and keep a positive outlook on life. I’m incredibly lucky that my little corner of the world is quite wonderful at the moment, and I’d like to start sharing that again so I can look back on it when i’m having a low day and the world is getting me down.

I also have so many blogs that I need to catch up on, i’ve been away from this little world for so long now!

Thank you for stopping by to read my little post, and if you want to leave your blog address below, i’d love to have a read and get back into this world again.

Ta-rar for now lovelies,

Amylou x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess says:

    I’m so glad you decided to open the page and start blogging again!! 💖


    1. Amylou says:

      Thanks jess! Hopefully I’ll be around for a while this time! 🙂


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